Agreement Giving Britain Permission

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179. It provides for a review of the agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom every five years. It also provides that the procedure will be followed when a new country joins the EU. 38. The agreement relies heavily on the obligations of the parties under WTO rules and blocks market access in a key sector. This ambitious one reflects the respective free trade agreements between the UK and the EU and Japan, although the agreement is taking new paths in some areas, particularly in the legal field. 67. The agreement contains intellectual property (IP) obligations that provide high standards of protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. These include intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks and designs, as well as unregistered rights such as copyrights, trade secrets and unregistered designs.

These provisions refer to and exceed standards set out in international agreements, such as the WTO Agreement on Trade-Related Intellectual Property (TRIPS) and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) treaties. 178. This part contains a number of provisions applicable throughout the agreement, for example. B the timing and manner in which the agreement enters into force, as well as the authentic languages of the agreement. 42. These annexes are based on existing agreements, of which: 24. The annex provides for an equivalency agreement between the UK and the EU. This means that certified organic products in one market are recognized as organic in the other. There are also broader benefits, including provisions for effective regulatory cooperation in the fight against fraud, maintaining the integrity of our organic materials production and control systems, and cooperation for the future development of organic standards. 62.

The agreement contains some of the most liberal and modern provisions for digital commerce in the world. These provisions will promote trade in digital services and facilitate new forms of trade in goods and services. The agreement also guarantees that the UK and EU will cooperate in the future on digital trade issues, including new technologies. This is the first time the EU has adopted data provisions in a free trade agreement. This provision helps facilitate the cross-border flow of data by prohibiting the requirements for storing or processing data in a given location. This prevents British companies from having costly requirements. The agreement confirms that the UK and the EU have made strong data protection commitments, which protect consumers and help build confidence in the digital economy. 11.

Our initial approach was that some of these political aspects should be separate agreements rather than included in a whole unit. Nevertheless, we have agreed on strong provisions that treat the various parties separately if necessary, for example with respect to the (very limited) margin for separate and separate disputes or termination clauses in most areas. 140. The agreement builds on previous PNR agreements between the EU and third countries such as Australia and the United States. It provides for a more frequent transfer of PNR data from airlines to the UK before flights between the EU and the UK take off than the current rules. The agreement also provides specific data protection safeguards during a implementation period, during which the UK will make the necessary technical adjustments to its systems to effectively implement these safeguards and cooperation between the UK and EU authorities using PNR data.

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