Subscription Agreement Template Singapore

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This confidentiality agreement assumes that a company provides a potential investor with confidential information about itself. It should be noted that it is not uncommon for VCs to refuse to enter into confidentiality agreements. Please note that VIMA does not offer the full range of options available or adapted to start-up financing cycles, as they often depend on the transaction or the parties involved. Depending on the circumstances, the parties must therefore, if necessary, adapt the specific conditions of the documents to their needs. Additional documentation may also be required for an early funding cycle (for example. B the creation of the company, the agreement of other investors, the employment contract of the founders, etc.). However, we believe that the venture capital model agreements would remain relevant by providing a useful guide to the typical structure of funding cycles. A shareholders` pact defines the company`s main terms and conditions as well as the rights and obligations of investors and founders as shareholders of the company. A subscription agreement sets out the legal conditions under which an investor (or group of investors) will buy shares in a company. Venture capital investments are becoming increasingly popular and widespread in Singapore[1] and Southeast Asia, and this trend is expected to continue. Each investment may be unique, but founders and investors (and their respective advisors) don`t need to spend time and cost preparing and negotiating any investment from scratch, especially for start-up financing. In order to reduce transaction costs and reduce friction during the negotiation process, Investment Venture Capital Agreements (VIMA) offer a series of models for use in seed cycles and start-up financing.

An appointment sheet sets out the main conditions under which an investor (or group of investors) will buy shares in a company. It also outlines the ongoing rights and obligations of investors, founders and the company vis-à-vis such a company. With the exception of certain provisions, a terminology sheet is a non-binding agreement and the parties concerned must enter into binding agreements to implement their terms. No documents or information provided in VIMA should be construed as legal advice (including for facts or scenarios described in these documents, or for assumptions made with respect to those documents). VIMA`s documents and information are only a starting point and the relevant documents should be adapted to the specific legal and commercial requirements of the proposed transaction. In addition, documents may be required for the proposed transaction. Legal and tax advice should be sought prior to the use of these documents. Neither the Singapore Academy of Law nor any of the members or contributors to the post-D.C. working group assumes responsibility for the content of the documents provided by VIMA. This agreement is intended for use if a start-up wishes to issue shares to a new investor as part of an investment cycle in Southeast Asia. It defines the investment mechanisms and guarantees that the startup must provide. It provides for investments in the company`s common shares in an unconditional tranche (excluding business clearances).

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