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We recommend that you make a deposit if you feel your workload is too heavy. We recommend that you participate in one of our time slots to listen to other members` conversations and participate in open and open discussions with the task force. You can email your submissions to teu@massey.ac.nz and we will pass them on to the task force. Not so easy to find, but are listed under Massey`s Work at Massey intranet masseyuni.sharepoint.com/, under the Health, Safety and Wellness – Wellness section. Harassment and Harassment at Work: A useful POD resource with descriptions, policies, different options to make if you feel harassed by how Massey handles these problems, and the associated resources for managers. The EU members of Northlands NorthTec have successfully ratified their collective agreement, ending lengthy negotiations with the Chief Executive. THE members of the TUE voted overwhelmingly in favour of the adoption of the proposed agreement, but a wider spotlight must be … Other support pages >> De Massey staff www.massey.ac.nz/?s8f8c4340s provide the following information. Massey is committed to a supportive work environment for its staff and provides a wide range of support services to meet professional and personal needs and to promote the active support and support of staff when needed. Access to confidential and professional advice by qualified, registered and experienced consultants is possible through our EAP program. The TEU office (Turitea) has recently moved and is now located in the relocated building next to the University of Ave`s practical educational complex (opposite Riddet Rd).

The building can be reached from the route between the University of Ave and the Collinson Rd car park. The tertiary sector continues to show that it is on the front line in Aotearoa`s recovery, with Education Minister Chris Hipkins announcing the return of international students. THE TUE welcomes the safe return of international students… More >> TUE welcomes the recognition of Chris Hipkins as Minister of Education. THE members of the TUE strongly hope that the experience and expertise that the Minister brings to the sector will satisfy decisive action and equitable results. Both… More >> «The Higher Education Commission (TEC) has written directly to higher education institutions (TEI) to tell them that they do not need to generate a 3% surplus in unusual situations – and COVID-19 is exactly one.» In addition, the CET is… More >> NorthTec`s plans to cut jobs and close departments are an unwelcome attack on employees and have shocked the Northland community. The changes announced last Tuesday skis plans for the revision of courses in shops and international education and have signaled that the … Over >> Work Safe New Zealand has a «Bullying Prevention Toolbox» at www.worksafe.govt.nz/worksafe/toolshed/bullying-prevention-toolbox There are quick guides for workers and small businesses, a comprehensive guide to best practices and other resources out there.

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